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Picket Fences: A Novel


Pre-order the book PICKET FENCES A Novel Author: Emma L.R. Hogg A funny and poignant story about coming of age after you’ve already grown up. Sloane Sawyer had it all planned—she and her best friend Stephie would graduate from high school, get out of Tippett Valley and have dazzling complementary careers. Sloane would [...]

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People Like Frank and Other Stories from the Edge of Normal


Pre-order the book PEOPLE LIKE FRANK And Other Stories from the Edge of Normal Author: Jenn Ashton On the edge of normal, challenges take many forms—the everday can be an adventure and the ordinary a triumph. A young woman in a group home investigates a mysterious piece of knitting.  An obsessed bag boy [...]

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The Hawk and the Hare: Based on a true story


Author: Harold Macy For Clayton Monroe, the last hope for refuge is a struggling setttlement at the far northwest corner of  Vancouver Island. San Josef is his sanctuary from the imagined demons and real enemies who have pursued him for three decades, from the Civil War battlefields of Virginia and across the plains of Kansas to the gold rush gateway of Seattle.  For Anika Frederickson, San Josef is her new home and her dream, a now failing community built on the promises of provincial government officials. The future of her colony, carved from the coastal wilderness by the tenacity of her fellow Danish idealists, is as uncertain as the storms that batter their farms. A man like Monroe leaves a burning trail behind him, and the autumn winds of 1897 bring a new arrival to Cape Scott, sparking an inevitable challenge to Clayton’s safety and Anika’s family.  At San Josef, the rainforest and the river will bear witness.

  • Fiction
  • ISBN 978-1-7751659-8-9 (softcover)
  • ISBN 978-1-7751659-9-6 (html)
  • 5.5" x 8.5"
  • Publication date: September 2019
  • CAD $ 20.00
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