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Deliver Us From Evil


Lynn Duncan shares a disturbing aspect of BC history she discovered while editing Julie Burtinshaw’s Hangman: The true story of Canada’s first official executioner (Tidewater Press, 2022).

Deliver Us From Evil2023-02-22T21:16:31+00:00

Two Kohkums and an Elder


Author Joseph Kakwinokanasum has never been east of Winnipeg - until now. He was one of the guest authors at this year's Bookfest Windsor, his first literary festival.

Two Kohkums and an Elder2022-11-02T10:35:02+00:00

O Say Can(ada) You See


Jimi Hendrix, "Voodoo Chile" and Turtle Island - author and poet Richard Lemm contemplates the Nisga'a Nation's historic legal battle, ancestral homes and the American dream.

O Say Can(ada) You See2022-08-25T14:27:08+00:00

Learning to Read Again


On Fête de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Montréalais David M. Wallace ponders the challenges of language, secularism and politics in his new home province.

Learning to Read Again2022-08-25T13:39:51+00:00

Who Are the Real Nazis, Mr. Putin?


Millions of Ukrainian people are fighting for their lives and their country. And yet, here in Canada, home-grown neo-Nazis flame the fires of hate from the safety of their keyboards. I ask you Mr. Putin, who are the real Nazis?

Who Are the Real Nazis, Mr. Putin?2022-06-24T08:50:01+00:00

Living in the Shadows of Bullying


At a time when Canadians proclaim that Black lives matter and that systemic racism cannot be tolerated, white gatekeepers are still making calls “on account of darkness.”

Living in the Shadows of Bullying2022-02-24T08:12:10+00:00

“Does he speak English?”


As Asian Heritage Month begins, prejudice and racism in Canadian hockey persists, writes Ian Kennedy, author of On Account of Darkness: Shining Light on Race and Sport.

“Does he speak English?”2022-05-06T19:30:59+00:00