Everyday Evil


Pre-order the book (non-trade) EVERYDAY EVIL Why Our World Is the Way It Is Author: Monique Layton Instead of the epic, alien force of our imagination, anthropologist Monique Layton argues that evil is intrinsic to our humanity, constantly evolving with modern notions of morality.  Much of the world’s suffering, she argues, can be [...]

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San Josef


Author: Harold Macy For Clayton Monroe, the last hope for refuge is a struggling setttlement at the far northwest corner of  Vancouver Island. San Josef is his sanctuary from the imagined demons and real enemies who have pursued him for three decades, from the Civil War battlefields of Virginia and across the plains of Kansas to the gold rush gateway of Seattle.  For Anika Frederickson, San Josef is her new home and her dream, a now failing community built on the promises of provincial government officials. The future of her colony, carved from the coastal wilderness by the tenacity of her fellow Danish idealists, is as uncertain as the storms that batter their farms. A man like Monroe leaves a burning trail behind him, and the autumn winds of 1897 bring a new arrival to Cape Scott, sparking an inevitable challenge to Clayton’s safety and Anika’s family.  At San Josef, the rainforest and the river will bear witness.

  • Fiction
  • ISBN 978-1-7751659-8-9 (softcover)
  • ISBN 978-1-7751659-9-6 (html)
  • 5.5" x 8.5"
  • Publication date: September 2019
  • CAD $ 20.00
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The Kawai Scrolls


THE KAWAI SCROLLS Author: Louis Druehl His Hopi princess bride has left him for the head of the philosophy department and his PhD thesis is stalled; what is left for an Iowa farm boy to do but to board a slow boat to Yokohama? John Fox leaves the academic desert of New Mexico for [...]

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Just One More Drive


JUST ONE MORE DRIVE The true story of a stuttering homosexual and his race car Author: James Robert O'Brien Take one shy Irishman—a recovering stutterer and a closeted homosexual—and transport him from Dublin to Vancouver in search of sci-fi stardom and himself. This honest, uplifting and painfully funny memoir is about love, soapboxes and [...]

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Flat Out in Pieces


FLAT OUT IN PIECES Crippled by Concussion–An Athlete's Journey Back Author: Paul Suter Paul Suter was an elite endurance athlete who went from competing in Ironman-distance triathlons to being unable to take his dog for a five-minute walk. Despite suffering a serious concussion, he continued to train and compete until his exhausted adrenal system [...]

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Annie Parker Decoded


ANNIE PARKER DECODED Author: Anne Parker The inspirational true story that inspired the film Decoding Annie Parker. When Annie Parker was fo.urteen-years-old, she lost her mother to cancer. Twelve years later, her beloved sister, Joan, also died from the same disease. Annie's doctors told her it was "just bad luck." She didn't believe them. [...]

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For King and Country


FOR KING AND COUNTRY 150 Years of The Royal Westminster Regiment Editor: Robert Harley This beautiful pictorial history celebrates The Royal Westminster Regiment's service both at home and abroad from 1863 to the present day. The full-colour book includes previously unpublished material from The Regiment's archive, including embarkation rolls for the Boer War and [...]

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Out on a Limb


OUT ON A LIMB Nominated for the Canadian Library Association's Book of the Year for Children Award Author: Gail Banning "An amazing treehouse is a better home than a smelly basement suite . . ." That's what Rosie decides when an old will leaves her family a treehouse on the estate of a mysterious aunt. [...]

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