Harold Macy
San Josef cover

Harold Macy was born on the prairie, caught between the stubble and endless sky. The mountains and the forest beckoned and he moved to the coast.  It has been his everlasting pleasure to live forty years in the rural community of Merville, on Vancouver Island, a tectonic splinter off the left shoulder of a restless continent, where he is surrounded by old hippies, fundamentalist Christians, faded cowgirls,  broken old loggers, gimpy rednecks and urban refugees with their new plaid shirts and attitudes—all great sources of character and story.  He studied writing with the UBC Mentorship Program, Victoria (BC) School of Writing, Sage Hills (SK) and North Island College.

His first book was The Four Storey Forest: As Grow the Trees So Too The Heart (2011, Poplar Publishing).The historical novel San Josef was published by Tidewater Press in 2019.   His work has appeared in PRISM InternationalMalahat ReviewOrion, Eye & I, The Broken CityRhubarb and others.   He was awarded Honourable Mention in the 2015 and 2016 Islands Short Fiction Contest.  His story “Unclipped” won the 2013 NIC 3‑hour Fiction Contest.  He was an invited author at the Fanny Bay Fat Oyster Reading Series in 2016. He is presently working on a short story collection “Stranglers, Water Thieves, wide-mouth Pumpkins and the Sweet-talking Angels in the White Trailer.”

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