Just One More Drive
Robert O'Brien

Book Launch: Just One More Drive

XY, Davie Street, Vancouver, October 29, 2017

I love my M3, I really do, but today our twenty-year relationship is being tested, and the Beast is letting me down. The engine has been running for more than five minutes and I’m still not dead.

Take one shy Irishman—a recovering stutterer and a closeted homosexual—and transport him from Dublin to Vancouver in search of sci-fi stardom and himself. Just One More Drive: The true story of a stuttering homosexual and his race car, is an honest, uplifting and funny memoir about love, soapboxes and why you should never lie on national TV. It’s the story of how the Beast, a 1990 BMW Sport Evolution M3 that almost killed Robert, ended up saving his life.

Published to coincide with International Stuttering Awareness Day on October 22, Robert O’Brien’s memoir offers an insightful, supportive perspective on finding one’s way to adulthood when faced with parallel physical and emotional challenges. The author chronicles his life and addresses the important issues of stuttering, sexuality and suicide with insight and self-deprecating humour. Robert— aspiring actor, reluctant teacher, sci-fi geek and car aficionado—confounds many stereotypes, and his voice is one that reaches across many barriers.

Watch the recording of the launch event on YouTube.