Spence as a boy

Spence is lost . . .

. . . the brief optimism of his early retirement and bold move from Vancouver to Montréal has devolved into a lonely round of French classes, winter cycling and watering his absent daughter’s houseplants. When Thierry, une petite souris, moves into his apartment uninvited, Spence welcomes the company. 

The Third Sunday of Lent

Thierry has a plan. It involves stealing cash from the landlord’s office. I’m not sure how I feel about it. But it would certainly solve a lot of my money problems and more than cover his portion of the rent.

Écoute, camarade, il y a des propriétaires et des locataires. We work our ’ole life to put bread on de table. Dey just own shit and collect de rent an’ get rich. C’est qui le vrai voleur? Who is de real thief?”