Tidewater Press publishes true and imagined stories of identity and belonging. Our books explore the relationship between individuals and the communities in which they live – the ways in which people’s behaviour, values and perceptions are influenced by their circumstances, as well as each person’s ability to affect social change.

Tidewater Press has been established to nurture emerging Canadian authors.  We accept submissions of both literary fiction and non-fiction that meet the following criteria:

  • The story (whether fiction or non-fiction) is fresh, topical and will resonate with at least one defined, special interest constituency.
  • The story (whether fiction or non-fiction) is compelling and is intended to give readers new insight into at least one aspect of contemporary life or Canadian history. Stories falling within a standard genre will be considered only if they transcend the normally recognized conventions of their genre.
  • The author is committed to producing a quality book and is genuinely willing to engage in a rigorous editing process.
  • The author has the ability and intention to actively support and promote the title after publication.

If you feel your manuscript meets our criteria, we encourage you to submit a brief (up to 500 words) synopsis and your manuscript using the submission form below.  We cannot guarantee a response time, given the volume of author submissions received. While we consider every manuscript received for publication, we are unable to give detailed feedback to authors in our reply.

Some authors may wish to receive detailed evaluation of their manuscript, prepared by a member of our Editorial Acquisition Team, within six weeks’ of submission. We can provide this optional service for a fee of CAD $100. (NOTE: if your manuscript is accepted for publication by Tidewater Press, this fee will be refunded.)