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Chapter 1

Black History and the Underground Railroad

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Teachers’ Resources

On Account of Darkness: Shining Light on Race and Sport

On Account of Darkness discusses issues of racism and oppression in Canada, focusing on Black, Indigenous, and Japanese Canadian peoples. This teachers’ resource pack will help you discuss not just the content of the book, but primarily the overarching topics discussed in the book.

These topics include anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism, slavery, segregation, residential schools, colonization, nationalism, Japanese Canadian internment, intersectionality, and much more.


Each lesson includes a slideshow discussing the major topics and themes in the specific chapter(s) and a corresponding assignment. While lessons are intended to take a period, including time to work on the assignments, they can be split over multiple days if needed.

There is also a general study guide that you can choose to infuse and use throughout the book.

While sport is a theme of the book, the teacher’s guide looks at the social issues discussed in the book through the lens of sport, not about sport specifically.

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English, civics, social justice, world issues, challenge and change, physical education, sociology, kinesiology, and history.

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On Account of Darkness: Shining Light on Race and Sport