Thierry, une petite souris

The author, the artist and the mouse . . .

. . . the brief optimism of his early retirement and bold move from Vancouver to Montréal has devolved into a lonely round of French classes, winter cycling and watering his absent daughter’s houseplants. When Thierry, une petite souris, moves into his apartment uninvited, Spence welcomes the company. 

The Fourth Sunday of Lent

“I’m supposed to find dis funny? You tink a fuckin’ minefield is funny jes ’cause nobody you know get blowed up?”

We are watching the mousetrap episode of Whose Line Is It, Anyway? on YouTube.

“No. But if you think about it, Thierry, humour is about other people’s pain.”


“Really. It is a well-established comic principle.”

Ah ouais?