Lapin - Easter rabbit

Easter . . . Les Pâques

Two unlikely friends navigate a world of saints and sinners, and crimes both real and imagined.


“So tomorrow de big day, hein? La résurrection. La magie et le mystère?”

I am washing the dishes. “The Resurrection is not magic.” I glance at Thierry’s wavering reflection in the window. “I resurrected you, didn’t I?”


“That safe in Nick’s office could have been your tomb.”


I turn to look at him briefly. Touché doesn’t really sound like something Thierry would say. It sounds like something I would say.

“Le lapin de Pâques find de empty tomb?”

I can’t quite remember the meaning of lapin, but guess it means rabbit. I set a plate on the drying rack.

“La Vierge Marie dépose des œufs de Pâques dans la crèche?”

“Fais attention, Thierry.” I set down a glass. I have a real affection for Our Blessed Lady and I don’t feel kindly disposed toward Thierry having her distributing Easter eggs in a stable.

“All de angels have de orgy in heaven tomorrow?” I turn away from the sink and give him a hard look. He is sitting on the table playing solitaire with a ragged deck of cards. He meets my gaze.

“Okay. Okay. M’bad.”