Thierry, une petite souris

Thierry – petty thief, roommate, partner in crime . . . . . .

. . . the brief optimism of  early retirement and bold move from Vancouver to Montréal has devolved into a lonely round of French classes, winter cycling and watering his absent daughter’s houseplants. When Thierry, une petite souris, moves into his apartment uninvited, Spence welcomes the company. 

The Fifth Sunday of Lent

Me: Ça va?

Thierry: Bien. Toi?

Me: Ça va.

Thierry: Bien.

Une pause.

Me: Alors . . . qu’est-ce que tu fais ce soir?

Thierry: Rien.

Me: Rien? Vraiment?

Thierry: Ouais. Tu sais. Comme d’habitude. 

It is evening. He scrambles up to the stereo with a Steely Dan album in his teeth: Can’t Buy a Thrill. Thierry is surprisingly adept with things you might imagine are cumbersome for a mouse.