UTP Distribution
Hornblower Group

Tidewater Press is pleased to announce that UTP Distribution will be distributing our titles in Canada from February 1, 2022.

University of Toronto Press Distribution represents more than 70 book imprints for distribution in Canada, the United States, and around the world. UTP’s clients include publishers specializing in scholarly, general and literary trade, children’s, and educational titles.

In 1975 in addition to distributing its own scholarly titles, UTP began providing warehousing and fulfillment for a small group of publishers. By 1987 the business had grown to include more than twenty Canadian publishers. In that year UTP built a new warehouse at its location in north Toronto to accommodate the growth in new clienciencients. In 1988 the Canadian Booksellers Association named UTP the Publisher of the Year, in part because of its expanded distribution service. In 1995 UTP began to provide distribution for American publishers, and over the next five years added UK and Australian publishers as well. UTP Distribution has continued to grow, adding new publisher clients each year.

From May 2022, sales representation for Tidewater Press titles will be provided by Hornblower Group. Since its beginnings in 1978, Hornblower Group has been one of Canada’s most respected publishing sales teams.  Specialists in the Canadian publishing marketplace, they work with domestic and international publishers and suppliers, building their profiles in the Canadian market and helping to ensure that their books and products are highly visible and sought-after by retailers and consumers in Eastern Canada and in association with our western sales group, across the country.